Monday, December 15, 2008

Miley Cyrus in Houston

It seems the Mighty Virus was in Houston, TX, last night, performing at a private party at a local law firm. It was all over the local radio stations this morning. No infections from the Virus have been reported. From Hair Balls in the Houston Press:

OMG!! Guess who’s going to be at Houston lawyer Mark Lanier’s Christmas party this year – Miley Cyrus! When we heard that, we were like, 2G2BT!! Lanier’s parties, which include thousands of guests and which take place on his 25-acre ranch northwest of Houston are always a spectacle, but previous years’ entertainers smacked more of state-fair-purgatory than stadium-sellouts.

*Well, it was last night and if any of my fab readers happened to be there and wants to dish, EMAIL ME!*

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