Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pari$ Hilton is still a Ho

But you would expect nothing less, right? I mean, come on, she's gonna hook up with money. From Janet Charlton's:

Benji Madden might be surprised to learn that only weeks after their split, Paris Hilton already has a billionaire in her back pocket. When Paris was at the Fountainebleau opening in Miami she hooked up with jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. At the hotel nightclub he presented her with a $100,000 diamond watch and she ran around the club squealing and showing her friends while alarmed bodyguards struggled to keep up. Pascal has what Paris wants - private jets and huge yachts and gobs of money. He has a home in the Hollywood Hills not far from hers and they've been doing a lot of secret after hours socializing. (They were photographed on the red carpet and she's wearing a three million dollar necklace he lent her.)

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