Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blind Items!

Sorry for the laziness, these are all off of ONTD, if you want to check sources.  Word came down from the top today at work about hiring freezes and possible layoffs, so I'm kind of in OMYGAWDGOTTAFINDANOTHERJOB meltdown mode.  

1. Which aging action star had a leisurely conversation with a young, hunky co-star on set — all while being pleasured by an extra? source

2. Catty at the Casting Call. Normally, when an actor goes on a casting call, they are on their best behavior. This one well-known film actor, however, somehow thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. Although she was heavily favored for the role in a film that will almost certainly become a hit, she showed up late and was rude to the person at the front desk. She then whipped out her cell phone in the waiting area and proceeded to quietly but audibly bad mouth the lead actor who was already attached to the film, calling him a “fucking loser”. By the time she was ushered into the meeting, word of her bad behavior had already reached the director. He gave the star a scant five minutes of his time, and dismissed her with barely a comment. The role will go to another actress. source

3. This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair his ability to speak properly and permanently derail his career. For now he is keeping the upcoming surgery quiet, so as to not jeopardize any further opportunities from coming his way while at the same time hoping it doesn't cost any lasting damage. source

4. This A list film actress has barely admitted to getting botox. Always presumed to be a natural beauty, it turns out that in addition to botox she has also got her breasts augmented and had lipo, all while under the guise of being in the hospital for completely different reasons. source

*Spin's guesses:  1) Bruce Willis  2)  Megan Fox?  Jessica Alba?  3) That Edward twat from twatlight?  4) Kate Winslet

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