Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SJP & Matthew Broderick to split?

I swore he was gay! Maybe that's the big news here. From A Socialite's Life:

I guess he took the mole with him. Star magazine is reporting that
Matthew Broderick has been engaging in some extramarital activities while wife Sarah Jessica Parker has been busy with her career.

And get this? It was with some chick! I coulda sworn it would be a dude. C'mon, he's into musical theater and he's married to Carrie Bradshaw so he can try on her shoes and mince when she's not around.

More details from the Star magazine story that claims that Matthew Broderick's extramarital dalliances simply grew too much for the Sex and the City star to continue going through the motions of marriage.

Sarah Jessica Parker
is reportedly house-hunting for a home that will not include her hubby. Even though the couple have been "living separate lives," she only recently decided to take action.

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