Thursday, February 26, 2009

She's hiding something

It's the way she acts and speaks, contempt for her mother and the way her face moves. The Octo-bitch is hiding something. Wish I knew what it was. from Radar online:

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and for the latest:

Attorney Gloria Allred has been granted permission by Denis Baudin, an ex-boyfriend of Nadya Suleman, who donated sperm on three different occasions, and has said he could be the father of all fourteen children to release the following statement, "Denis Baudin is in support of any measure, resources dedicated to the care and support of Ms. Suleman and her children including Angels in Waiting."

As has previously reported, Angels In Waiting has offered 24/7 care for the octuplets, the other six children, and Nadya, but that offer expires at midnight tonight. Gloria tells us that she hasn't yet heard from Nadya.

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