Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crabbe grass!!!

Ok you Harry Potter freaks....this is for you from the Sun online:

A teenage star of the Harry Potter films has been arrested after cops found a cannabis farm worth more than $2,900 in his bedroom.

Drug squad officers swooped on 19-year-old Jamie Waylett — famed as bullying Hogwarts School pupil Vincent Crabbe in the wizard movies — after a tip-off.

Police first stopped him in an Audi car and discovered eight bags of pot inside the vehicle.
Waylett and a pal in the vehicle, also 19, were held at the scene on suspicion of possession.

Cops then raided the home the actor shares with his mom Theresa, two brothers and a sister — and seized ten mature cannabis plants valued at about $2,900.

The plants were growing under powerful hydroponic lights beside the actor’s DJ decks and a PlayStation.

Waylett was further arrested on suspicion of production of a Class B drug.

*Seems he likes the columbian marching powder too, from Entertainment*

Pictures of a Harry Potter actor taking cocaine have been published in the UK tabloid People.

Jamie Wylatt, 17 plays the role of bully Vincent Crabbe in the successful film franchise; a so called ?friend? of the actor sold the pictures to the newspaper and has claimed the actor?s drug use is spiraling out of control.

He said: "Jamie is spiraling out of control. He takes cocaine almost every time I see him, whether it's at a party at a friend's house or at his own home. He's always chopping out a line.

"I think he uses it to be accepted by people. But with cocaine he's attracting the wrong sort of crowd. Jamie is wild. He told me that he got high at the premiere of the last film, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.

"He said he had about eight grams of cocaine and was 'high as a kite' after sneaking off to the toilets to take it."

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