Saturday, May 23, 2009

Asslee pregs again?

Here's your daily dose of BS.  Whatever.  Is Pete made cuz he can't wear her maternity clothes without belting out some Liza Minnelli tunes?  from X17:

Well, here's the latest celeb pregnancy rumor...

A source tells Star Magazine that Ashlee Simpson is few weeks pregnant with her second child with hubby Pete Wentz! Apparently Ashlee is "beyond thrilled" with news, and "she loves Pete and wants to hang on to him. She believes this second baby will really clinch the deal."

However, Star reports that Pete isn't so thrilled. "He loves Ash and Bronx, but he also loves his freedom. He thinks a second kid could change things for the worse. He doesn't want to be tied down and stuck at home all the time."

Ashlee does seem like the bandaid baby type of girl...

*Wait, you mean he has freedom with one baby?  It would be different with two?  How the hell does that work? Does she want to compete with the Duggars or Jon & Kate or some shit?*

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