Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blind Items!!

Since it's a holiday weekend and all...I mean more like a Holidaze weekend, I thought I'd throw a few ponderables I found your way to play with.  These are courtesy of the Village Voice so they should be especially interesting.  Have fun!

Which supposedly cleaned-up star was spotted at a hot West Village restaurant, going to the bathroom about every five minutes to take care of business? Anyone buying the weak bladder excuse? 

Which belter is such a drinker that she had to be pushed onstage for her entrance at that concert, after which she started singing eight bars early, thereby throwing off the whole number (and, in fact, the whole show)? 

Which well-chosen wife of a major star is so dumb she didn't know that a drag performance she'd just seen was indeed a collection of males in dresses? Does that explain why she married that husband?

Which hubby didn't want to pose for photos with the wife at her book party because, as he mouthed to her, "It's your book"? (Free answer: Dean McDermott.) 

Which surprise Broadway star is a shameless womanizer who tried to get a young lady who was auditioning for a part in his show to come over and rehearse in private? When she couldn't find the time to do so, how did he respond to her later request for tickets? (Angrily, I assure you.)
Which talented blonde stage star picks her nose as if burrowing for gold and is fond of saying about job offers, "They can't afford me"? Who turned down the illustrious chance to replace her? (Free answers: Ashley TisdaleHilary Duff, and Brittany Snow, for starters. I guess they couldn't afford them.)

 Which teen idol could the character named "Zack" in Dance Flick—you know, the one who sings the song about being a big gay—possibly be based on?

Which multi-octave superstar started out so rough and untrained that she wouldn't bother to bathe and, at dinners, would turn to the person next to her and demand things like, "Cut my meat"? 

Which superstar couple's run supposedly ended when she gave him the gift of herpes? What kinds of kinky activities were the male half of that duo into? (Free answer: fisting, to name just one earthly delight. Yes, hetero fisting! I'm not making this shit up!

*Hurrah for long weekends!*

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