Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence day!

Here's some BI reaveals for you, courtesy of ONTD:

Technically I guess this film actor is a B lister but he is definitely A list when it comes to name recognition. Our actor got in some well publicized trouble awhile back. What wasn't made public is the real reason the cops were called. Seems he called a clerk the N word.


Want to know the difference between celebrities?
Let's see how they are treated by the same fashion designer for the same infraction.
Both of our actresses in this item have the annoying habit of getting dresses and other items from our designer on loan and never returning it. Even when asked repeatedly by the designer, neither actress ever returns anything loaned out.
#1 is a C list actress with A list name recognition and does not have the most stellar reputation. She has been banned from ever receiving anything on loan again from the designer. #2 is a B list film actress who stars in "important" movies but is best known for one huge franchise and is loved by everyone (mostly). She usually borrows more items at a higher value, but because she is nice and friendly to the designer he keeps unbanning her and keeps loaning out items.

1. Lindsay Lohan & 2. Nat Portman

Now, I know there are some bad dates out there, but you would think that if you are in your 20's you wouldn't have to have your teenage girlfriend pay for all your dates and your clothes and if you get cash from the parents it is the same thing because she is earning all the money anyway.

1.justin GASTON

What Academy Award nominated actor has been taking every opportunity to try and recruit for his new church? Oh, it isn't a church he started attending. It is a church he just recently started for himself based on an entirely new denomination that he has created out of his head. He feels that he has a lot of wisdom and teaching he can pass along. So, far, despite handing out hundreds of cards and brochures, attendance at the church which he holds at his house has averaged about 2. Besides the fact it is strange, apparently he believes church should start promptly at 5am.


*At Least Gary Busey isn't a $citard!!!*

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