Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madonna erotic videos go on sale, the stabbing out of eyes begins

srsly, does anyone even care about this crap anymore? I thought Paris Hilton had killed it for everybody when her stuff went up for sale from that storage unit she forgot to pay and then we all found out about her herpes. Digital spy tells it:

Raunchy video and audio tapes sent from Madonna to her old bodyguard are being auctioned off online.

Some of the tapes, which apparently hold erotic messages that the 'Vogue' singer left on lover James Albright's answerphone in 1992 and videos of Madonna in a hotel room, could fetch as much as $40,000 (£24,000) in the sale.

Also up for grabs are copies of love letters faxed from Madonna to her minder using the code name "Lola Montez".

Auction house Gottahaveit.com described the home videos as "very personal and intimate" but claimed that, for legal reasons, they are not allowed to reveal what exactly is on there.

*prolly cuz it's too damm gross!! and nobody wants to get sued for making ppl puke while seeing Madge the Vadge in positions that even her gyno couldn't get enough $$ to look at. Honestly.*


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