Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here we go

So Brad lied in his interview that he gave up smoking pot because of the kids? What's the real story? Is she really still shooting smack? courtesy of digitalspy:

Angelina Jolie has reportedly blamed Jennifer Aniston after discovering that Brad Pitt used to smoke marijuana.

Jolie allegedly told her friends that partner Pitt lied to her when he said that he had stopped smoking the drug.

A source admitted to the National Enquirer: "Ange says it's Jen's fault Brad is still smoking pot, since the bulk of his drug-taking days were when he was with her.

"She's angry and looking for someone to blame, so Jen is always going to be a prime target."

The insider continued: "Angie, feeling she's been totally lied to, is piecing together all the other things Brad's not been truthful to her about and come up with a fairly long list."

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