Monday, September 27, 2010

Spin Sycle for September 27 2010

Segway company owner dies from riding one off a cliff

Disgraced pastor Long says a lot without saying a thing....interestingly does not deny actions or being gay

I found Panache Reports' take interesting:

A gay source shared some disturbing news with us, as follows: "So many bishops, pastors and preachers are on the downlow!  They all protect one another and their secrets."
"When a downlow preacher visits an out of town church-headed up by another DL preacher. He's offered up young men-sexually-from the congregation, it's a traveling perk among the DL gospel sect! It's also called, 'showing off your male stable,' and who has 'the prettiest boy stable' among this secret society of preachers (allegedly, some of the biggest names in the gospel industry)."
"Workshops have become a meat rack of young men (cess pool) lined up to be inspected by church leaders. Women are made to feel unwelcome and are discouraged from attending."
Our source added: "These same preachers don't have to patronize gay clubs undercover because these religious retreats are disguised as homosexual sex parties."
It's even rumored that a pastor from a New Birth satellite church is suspected or was arrested for allegedly molesting five boys. I don't know if this story is true because it's not mentioned in search engines.
B.J. Bernstein released tame photos. Allegedly, explicit photos exist.
"These powerful men target boys from troubled backgrounds and/or single family homes.
Believe it or not, for money, some of the mothers offer their boys up and turn the other way.
It was rumored that women taking were their young daughters backstage to meet R. Kelly after the sex tape emerged, the same thing goes on in the church."  Some parents relocate so their son's can be mentored by male preachers/bishops.
With some parents and church elders looking the other way, some of these guys feel helpless. These type of religious leaders manipulate and practice mind control on their flock. The congregation becomes blinded by loyalty and they put all their faith in one man, sometimes at the expense of children."
The church is suppose to be a safe haven for adults and children, it's sad when you can't trust a man of the cloth in the presence of your child.
Rumors persist that a settlement will be made to prevent damaging information from coming out in a public setting (courtroom).
Part II:
Why didn't Bishop Eddie Long deny the allegations against him during his press conference?
Can the term "I'm Not A Perfect Man," be taken as some type of admission? Reminiscent of Gary Condit's interview with Connie Chung where he was evasive, so evasive, that experts suggested his lawyers be charged with malpractice.
Has Long's ego gotten the best of him, is that why he didn't step down? Is there too much money involved to walk away? His greed is legendary and may be his downfall, he also loves publicity.
Church funds need to be investigated: New cars, private jet fare, hotel accommodations.  Is this where your church donations are going? And, why should religion cost anything and why do some of these mega churches have ATM machines?

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