Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday Edition Spin Sycle!

What's up Syclers!!  What's in the wash?

SkyNet becomes self aware tonight!!

Lady Gaga's Judas video to be released Easter. She's starting to get boring.

Alicia Silverstone is still pregnant

Charlie Sheen lost his bid for full custody of the twins. Surprised?

They always come out of the woodwork, even in you're Rihanna

Needs Bleach
Here's Katy Perry with some hardcore photoshopping

The coat of arms for the new soon the be princess Kate/Catherine has been revealed

BlindGossip – Although nothing has been announced yet, this celebrity couple is almost certainly heading for divorce. They haven’t lived together for several months, lawyers are being hired, and each spouse already has a new paramour. Hers is a work colleague. His is a former (?) escort.

And to top it off, here are kittens in bowls:

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