Monday, August 15, 2011

Blind Item Monday!

See if you can figure these out, Syclers!  Put your guess in the comments

[CDAN] Which A list celebrity couple are having a “trial separation” while he is on tour?

[BlindGossip] With so many mixed marriages in Hollywood, you might think that people of different religions marrying would not be such a big deal. Well, it is to this future bride. Her faith is so important to her that her fiancé is secretly converting to her religion.  The demands of the conversion are quite rigorous. In addition to disciplined studies and participation in various ceremonies, he has also scheduled a very specific physical transformation to comply with the traditions of his new religion. While his training has certainly conditioned his body to handle any physical challenge, this is one procedure for which he can’t train. The two will be married after his conversion is complete, which should be before the end of the year.

Tidbit: This black soap opera actor loves exposing himself to female adult stars when he's under the influence of cocaine; which is often. 
Due to his abnormal size, they often tell him 'you need to be in the adult industry!'
This party boy is also try-sexual and will try anything once.
Allegedly, soap opera bosses are not happy with his offscreen behavior. (Panache Report).

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