Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ok....Sometimes stars just give waaaaay too much info

I mean, Hugh Jackman is hot, but IRL he has to be the biggest dork. And I just don't really want to know about his sexual antics!

maybe a little.

Hollywood star HUGH JACKMAN credits his latest movie FOUNTAIN with spicing up his sex life.
Jackman claims his bedroom performance has improved since getting intimate with RACHEL WEISZ, because the role demanded he become an expert in the art of tantric sex.
The Australian took on the tantric challenge by adopting a strict exercise regime and he spent over a year getting to grips with yoga and t'ai chi.
Jackman says, "My wife said, ''Does this mean we are going to have the lotus position in bed now?' I'm ready to explore it. I haven't explored the tantra yet. But we're going to." 05/19/06 18:56

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