Saturday, May 20, 2006

Owen Wilson tries to pull a Britney!

I love this guy, but I need to train him to lose the country! And goddammmm he's goodlookin! like to taste him and see if he really is butterscotch!


(courtesy WENN)
WEDDING CRASHERS star OWEN WILSON was thrown out of a market in the US, after entering the grocery store without shoes.
The Hollywood funnyman was with his brother, actor LUKE WILSON, in their hometown of Austin, Texas, when the incident occurred.
The pair were attempting to shop at upscale grocery store Whole Foods on 11May (06).
The 37-year-old left his shoes at home and tried to sneak past the stores security guard bare-footed.
A sources tells US publication In Touch, "Owen noticed the security guard looking at his bare feet, so he ran up and down the aisle trying to evade him.
"The officer managed to track him down and escort him out of the store."
Wilson was able to continue his shopping when a fan lent him a pair of flip-flops to wear. 05/19/06 18:56

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