Monday, June 5, 2006


I see that "an inconvenient truth" surpassed the million dollar mark. Well, good for Gore, I suppose, he's actually officially suckered people into supporting him. Again. Let's not forget that this is the same fool who claimed to invent the internet.

What I find truly wrong and annoying is that the film is merely a serious effort at pushing alarmist environmental views down our throats, yet again, by means of emotional manipulation rather than reason. If reasoning were applied, however, it would be clear that over the billions of years of the earth's existence, heating and cooling periods have occured and these things are neither new nor unusual. Thirty years ago, in the 70's, alarmists were screaming that we were headed into a cooling phase. How could that change in a mere 30 years? It's all crap, that's how. The science has not changed, no matter how much the alarmists try to plead with you, guilt you and mess with your feelings. For the real inconvenient truth, click here.

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