Friday, June 2, 2006

This is why I love her!

and she'll kick your ass too! She has a few days of community service to complete before she can leave the U.S.

Party on, M-Rod!

courtesy of WENN:



Former LOST star MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ is adamantly refusing to curb her hard-partying ways, insisting she doesn't have a drinking problem.

The actress recently served two different jail sentences for violating her probation and also for a drink driving arrest.

When asked if she planned to curb her wild ways in light of her recent troubles, she fires back, "That's bulls**t!

"I'll be spending most of my days in London or France and I'll just work there for the next couple of years."

Rodriguez insists that she doesn't have a problem with alcohol stating, "My father threw up his liver. If I were going to be an alcoholic, I'd know it by now."

The actress, whose character was recently killed off on the popular show, claims she's not worried about the future of her career.

She adds, "I don't come and pretend to be some perfect broad. I am imperfect, but I get there.
"I do the job; I'm good at what I do and I go home. I'm not worried."
06/02/06 03:59

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