Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am SO glad that this heiffer is hearing "NO"

It's about time she started not getting her way.


from ONTD:

"Lions and tigers and stupid spoiled whores, oh my!"

HILTON'S FLIGHT DRAMASocialite PARIS HILTON was forced to drive from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles after airline officials told her she couldn't bring her six pets on her planned flight home.

The hotel heiress brought her monkey, tiger and her ferrets to Sin City for a weekend of partying and was unimpressed when she realised she would have to spend the long drive with all the animals.

Hilton says, "I bought, like, a monkey, a tiger and some ferrets. I tried to bring them on a commercial flight and they wouldn't let me fly with all the animals. They said it wasn't a travelling circus."

So I had to drive all the way home from Vegas in the limo with all these animals, there was like six. It was a lot."

Source: PR InsideI... I have no words. Was the tiger going to fly first class, or was he supposed to be in the cargo hold?

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