Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I LOVE Milla Jojovich!

I envy any children she would have...but then I envy her!

from ONTD:

Milla mulls over motherhood (KP International)

Multi-talented Milla Jovovich recently confessed she's thinking more and more of adding motherhood to her list of achievements which include model, designer, actress and singer/songwriter.

"I'm getting to that place where I want to think about kids and family and stopping the totalitarian machine that is my life," said Jovovich to Britain's Independent newspaper. "I'm 30 now and I still feel like a kid, but my mother had me when she was 24."

Jovovich's mother, who doubles as her agent, set a good example for the 'Resident Evil' star. "My mother wanted the best for me and wanted me to learn everything possible, and to educate me in everything possible," she said. "Every last dollar was spent on lessons for me acting, ballet, piano, anything you could imagine. I really felt the pressure of needing to create something to help my family. It was like I had to do my share of the work."

Apparently Jovovich, who has already been married and divorced twice, is supposedly sporting a sizable rock on her engagement finger, so perhaps motherhood isn't too far off?

------------I guess she's engaged to Paul W.S. Anderson (who directed her in Resident Evil.) It's a little weird how nobody hears anything about her now, except for these little useless blurbs.

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