Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get Paris' STD's without even touching her!!!

I have to go laugh my ass off now.

off of

Ever wondered what it might actually feel like to be Paris Hilton dancing on her own leather ottoman or gazing lovingly at herself in her own mirror? Well, neither have we, but if you're curious about where the lodging heiress sleeps, lounges, and keeps her clothes, a new auction of Paris' furniture might be of interest.

StarStyle has begun auctioning off a set of furniture on its website that it says was actually used by Paris in her Hollywood home. Amongst the items up for bid over the next eleven days are various side tables, an oriental rug, wicker lounge chairs, McGuire Tambour copper lamps, and the highly functional "elephant stand," all starting at a relatively budget $300 or less.

For the bigger spender (and more salacious-minded), there's the Milling Road Yorkshire Queen Size 4-post [sic] bed, which starts at a grand. Of course, caveat emptor: The small print for the item reads, "This is a used item so there has been some wear and tear..." Right.

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