Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A good deed by Cruise

I suppose he needs some good PR right now. In my cynical, skeptical little heart, I have to wonder is this was staged by the C of $....

sorry for no pics, blogger, yet again, is being a nasty bitch.


off of MSNBC gossip:

Cruise helps motorists, calls publicist
August 14, 2006

Pretend for a moment that you've just been in a car accident. You're discombobulated, a little scared and perhaps even in pain. At that moment, all you want is the comforting wail of sirens. Instead, you find yourself face-to-face with the shiny toothed twosome of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Scary thought, right?

But that's the scene that unfolded Saturday night along L.A.'s 101 freeway, as the PR-battered parents of the conspiracy-surrounded Suri supposedly came to the aid of two "shaken accident victims," their rep tells People (we're assuming they were "shaken" before encountering TomKat).

Cruise and Holmes were heading home to Beverly Hills from the airport after taking in an exhibition soccer game featuring friend-of-Tom David Beckham in Salt Lake City when they stopped to help the couple, identified as one Jon Henningsen and his wife.

Cruise, whose medical knowledge apparently extends beyond just postpartum depression and the proper use of a sonogram machine, reportedly ascertained, with his glassy eyed bride-to-be's assistance, that the Henningsens "were not seriously injured," and they remained with them until emergency personnel arrived.

Alas, it doesn't appear that Suri was riding along with her Good Samaritan-playing parents, although if she had been, we're sure the Henningsens would have found her both "beautiful" and of "normal size."

Cynical types out there (hey, whaddya looking at us for?) will wonder whether someone in the Cruise camp recently stumbled across the manual once used so successfully by his former rep Pat Kingsley during his preproselytizing PR heyday, when tales of his heroic real-life rescues were as common as Katie's caffeine and Barney's runs.

Highlights from the People-dubbed "Tom Terrific" era include reports of how he allegedly leapt into action to help a female mugging victim; a female hit-and-run victim; and a family whose yacht was on fire and rapidly sinking.

Cruise also enjoyed plenty of positive press after he fished a 7-year-old boy out of a crush of fans at the London premiere of "Mission: Impossible" ("It was scary, man. I could see the color draining from the kid's face," he said at the time).

Speaking of "scary" and "kids," has the mysterious but supposedly genetically gifted Suri finally been captured on film?

Last week, helicopter-hovering shutterbugs from photo agency X17 snapped fuzzy photos that appear to show Holmes staring out a window of Cruise's fortified Beverly Hills compound (perhaps thinking wistfully of those carefree days on the set of "Dawson's Creek") with what appears to be a diaper-clad infant hovering hazily in the background.

The long-distance shots surfaced not long after the New York Post reported Annie Leibovitz had photographed Suri for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair (the photog's rep disavowed all knowledge of the supposed shoot). Unfortunately, the paparazzi pics aren't distinct enough to determine whether there's actual mommy-and-me time going on or if someone just stuck a cardboard Katie cutout from "Batman Begins" in front of a blown-up photo of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Meanwhile, in still more Suri-sighting news, another eyewitness has come forward to confirm her much-lauded beauty. An anonymous source tells the New York Daily News that the "Dianetics"-devoted duo recently showed off their Sasquatch-like sprout at a roller-skating birthday party for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son, Jaden.

"Suri is a beautiful baby," gushes the mole. "She had no deformities that I could see! She has a gorgeous head full of dark, curly hair, and she resembles both parents, though she looks slightly more like Tom."

While "no deformities" is certainly one of the highest compliments one can pay to a four-month-old, the source's story seems to have some holes big enough for Xenu to fly his spaceship through.

For instance, Jaden's birthday falls on July 8, which was smack in the middle of Cruise and Holmes' summer vacation in Telluride, Colo. And in late July, Jada told People how she and Will had twice visited the "gorgeous" Suri at Cruise's mansion, never mentioning a meet-up at their son's birthday party.

The account of Suri's "curly" hair also differs from an earlier sighting in Us Weekly, in which a snitch claimed she had "dark, straight hair."

Another head-scratcher: Tom and Katie didn't join in on the roller-skating fun, even though they enjoyed ice-skating in the freezing rain during a New York City outing while Holmes was about five months along.

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