Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now this is just GROSSS

Hope they have an oil pump out back for him.....just ICK! Paris is so full of shit and such a liar. Publically. Like we weren't going to find out.


off of

By Jeannette Walls

That' Hilton, ‘fire crotch’ heir shack up

So much for Paris Hilton’s recent claim that she’s giving up on men.

The crooning heiress is living with Brandon Davis, according to Life & Style weekly. Davis is the oil heir who introduced the phrase “fire crotch” to the public when his ramblings about Lindsay Lohan were caught on tape. Earlier this month, Hilton declared, “I’m not doing it with anyone [for a year]. I just want to concentrate on work.”

Davis has been living with Hilton at her Hollywood Hills home since leaving rehab in July, according to the mag. He went into rehab after his infamous "fire crotch" quote was made public, although earlier this month he climbed on stage in Miami during Hilton’s record launch and used the same phrase with regards to Lohan.

“His family is selling their home, so Brandon’s been shacking up with Paris at her place off the Sunset Strip,” an “insider” tells L&S. “All his clothes, his toiletries and even some of the artwork he owns.”

But the arrangement is reportedly more than temporary. Says the source: “They’re hooking up, but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it. It’s being kept very hush-hush.”

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