Wednesday, August 23, 2006

OMG!!! Touche!!!

Oh SNAP! Batshit Crazy Tom gets kicked out by Paramont and Paramont picks up the Sout Park guys!!!

That's gotta hurt! Hope TC's ego is well-bruised!


off of ONTD:

"South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have set two live-action films at Paramount.

Parker and Stone, who have re-christened their Par-based shingle Important Pictures, will first make the Jeff Roda-scripted high school comedy "My All-American." They plan to follow with "Giant Monsters Attack Japan!," a film scripted by J.F. Lawton ("Under Siege") that will combine live-action with the "rubber suit" techniques made popular in Asian imports like "Godzilla."

Parker will direct each film and Stone produce; both will work on the scripts with the writers. Sean Daniel and Nickelodeon will also be producers on "Giant Monsters."Parker and Stone are aiming for a 2007 production start, timed to a hiatus from "South Park," which this week launched its 10th season.

"My All-American" will sport a young cast, marking the first time Parker and Stone have worked with real actors since the pre-"South Park" features "Cannibal: The Musical!" and "Orgazmo.""Neither of these movies feel like vehicles for big stars, but this will be our opportunity to find out if there are any actors left who want to work with us," Stone said.

The duo is determined to beef up its Important shingle, with topper Jennifer Howell and longtime series producer Anne Garefino spearheading the search for project acquisitions.

"We learned from the last two films that these can't all be self-generated," Stone said. "Trey and I are script whores, so we'll be very involved in shaping these projects. We've averaged a movie every five years. We'd like to make more and produce films that give other directors a chance."


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