Friday, December 8, 2006

Is Crazy Tom trying to piss off Oprah?

What the hell is he thinking? Or is it because Oprah just doesn't buy his crap and it makes him cry for mommy.


off of ONTD:

Oprah Winfrey has been left off the invite list to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' post-wedding party - just weeks after the couple failed to ask her to their Italian marriage. Cruise and Winfrey have been friends for many years and the Mission: Impossible III star made his infamous couch-jumping "I'm in love" speech regarding Holmes on the media mogul's Us TV talk show last year. Winfrey was noticeably left off the list to the November 18 ceremony in Bracciano, Italy - even though celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jim Carrey - who are not known to be friends of Cruise - were invited. On Saturday the newlyweds have invited friends who were unable to attend the Castello Odescalchi ceremony to a party at Cruise's producing partner Paula Wagner's Beverly Hills, California mansion. However, Winfrey's representative tells the New York Daily News the TV titan hasn't been invited.

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