Friday, December 8, 2006

"LR" to Blohan

Isn't L Ron Hubbard according to page six:

THE mysterious "LR" in Lindsay Lohan's rambling and bizarre e-mail that was first reported on Page Six yesterday is none other than her former assistant, Lindsay Ratowsky. In the message, Lohan threatened to sue "LR" for allegedly selling information to the tabloids, and claimed former Vice President Al Gore was going to help her get her message across (which Gore hadn't heard about). Lohan's rage stems from a falling-out she and Ratowsky had over six months ago, when Ratowsky left her to work for Jessica Biel. Lohan's ire was rekindled last week when she spotted Ratowsky at a GQ party at the Sunset Tower in L.A. Ratowsky could not be reached.

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