Sunday, December 3, 2006


In the wake of Brangelina giving birth to the Golden Child and adopting all over the place, it seems Vaughniston is catching up. The pics are from June of this year, anybody have pics of Jen since then? Has she been out in public?

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off of Holy Moly!

The new Vince Vaughn film is beset by delays due to the antics of Mr. Ever-Increasing-Forehead, who has taken it upon himself and his mighty talent to become the new script editor. In the middle of takes. Oddly, this behaviour is tolerated and even encouraged by his weak-willed and possibly masochistic director. The latest ploy is to just roll the cameras and wait for Vince to stop sweating (and eating) and ad-lib 'something funny'. As mentioned before, the new Vince Vaughn film is beset by delays.

Also, the power-players on the set (we all know it's the drivers) report than Jennifer Aniston has been dragging her huge chin there to watch her beau spin out strands of comedy magic, and she's quite obviously lugging a mini-Vince around in her womb as she's sweating for two.

The poor sods who have to do the real acting (learning words and not just standing there with a quizzical look and gurning), Paul Giametti and John Michael Higgins, are described as "lovely".


and of course, her retaliation according to the (but all they have done thus far is deny, deny, deny so who knows? Maybe she is):

Jennifer Aniston has laughed off reports she is pregnant with Vince Vaughn's baby. She said the baby could be anyone's (note: she didn't actually say that). But she did say the following:

"You know what? If all these (pregnancy rumors were true), I should have had 10 babies by now, married five times. I swear when it happens, you'll hear it." In magazine In Style , Aniston admits it took nearly a year of "hard work and soul-searching" before she was ready to date again. She said "You just wake up one day and you start to feel like, yeah, I think I'm open to that now. I hope to be on the road to having a family in the next year. Ideally, I'd like to have a couple (of children), but who knows?"

You hear that sound? It's Jennifer's biological clock, and it's ticking. She missed her chance of birthing an Ubermensch with Brad , and it'll be interesting to see what happens if this thing with Vince Vaughn doesn't work out. She could be on the first steps of a very long downward spiral, eventually ending in drunken, back-alley sex with a total stranger. A stranger named Carrot Top.

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