Tuesday, February 13, 2007


With all the craziness of me having to find a new job, I'm afraid this might get a little neglected! To quote Oswald on the Drew Carey show: "Something's going to suffer and I'm afraid it's gonna be the drinkin!" Fear not, i'm not totally abadoning the site...it's just gonna be s little slower. I'll be sure to put up juicy snark when it happens. Right now all the focus is on Anna Nicole's death....So snark away on that! and there is still always Pari$ and her shit....anybody notice that Nicole Richie is actually looking decent these days?

Anyhooo...I have a lot of irons to work on in my fire, don't worry about me!
Here's a lovely picture of Robert Downey Jr......mmmm, yummy! Oh yeah, that tat is his son's name. Enjoy!

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