Saturday, June 30, 2007

Enrique is a sorry dumbass

Off of Hollywood Rag. You just have to read this to appreciate it!


Enrique Iglesias would love to be gay so he could have an open relationship.

The ‘Hero’ singer is jealous of his homosexual friends who, despite being in long-term relationships, still have liaisons with other people.

Enrique - who is romancing Anna Kournikova - told Genre magazine: My stylist is gay and lives in Los Angeles and when he came to Miami, he went out.

“And I asked, ‘Your boyfriend doesn’t care?’ And he said, ‘We have an understanding if I’m out of the city.’

“When I saw George Michael, he said the same thing. I’m going to have to have a talk with my girl!”

The 32-year-old Spanish-born singer is rumored to have tied the knot with his tennis-playing Russian girlfriend, but both refuse to confirm or deny their marriage.

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