Sunday, June 17, 2007

I wondered about this!

Should we believe her? Or is it Hurray! KFool really hasn't spermed off more fucktrophies! Off of TMZ:

Shar Jackson, K-Fed's baby mama numero uno, quelled rumors that she's preggers with another little K-Fed junior. Earlier this week her reps denied the story, and Jackson came out personally to deny the claims, too, with a little TMI. "There's absolutely no action going on in my uterus," she told reporters. "I'm no expert, but I hear you have to actually have sex," and that, she said, "hasn't been happening." Okaaaaaay.

Plus, Jackson has no desire to have another baby, with K-Fed or anyone else: she just had a tummy tuck. "I'm not trying to ruin my body," she said.

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