Saturday, June 2, 2007

*Points & Laughs*

This is off of news of the world so take it how you will....but this made me laugh my ass off! And I thought by now that Blohan had already fucked everybody!


THESE shocking sick images show the depths of depravity Lindsay Lohan has sunk to in her battle against cocaine addiction.

Taken just weeks before she was admitted to rehab for the second time, the drugs-crazed 20-year-old wild child is captured holding a KNIFE to a friend's throat at a party.

The pal is also pictured sliding another blade down the Mean Girls star's breast... as Lindsay slips her own knife into her mouth in a chilling game.

A source told us: "These photos are very worrying. Lindsay is so out of control. She should not be left within a million miles of a knife. The states Lindsay gets herself into she is lucky to be alive."

Our frightening exclusive pictures were taken four months ago at a house party where Lindsay was publicly claiming she was reformed and sober after her first bout of rehab.

Now she is back in a Malibu clinic after driving her Mercedes into a tree, high on coke and booze. Last night a friend from Lindsay's inner circle revealed how the star's mental state has continued to crumble behind the walls of the Promises clinic in California.

"On the first night she couldn't stop crying. Since then she's refused to follow the rules and keeps having hissy fits about people," says our source.

Among the celebs she blasted were:

PARIS HILTON: "In one of her group meetings she yelled that her friend Paris was a coke whore and couldn't believe how stupid she'd been driving while banned. She said, ‘Paris thinks she's above everyone. She's not. Paris is a stupid cow and deserves what she gets'."

NICOLE RICHIE: Next she scathingly attacked actress Nicole. "She saw a woman who is bulimic and said, ‘She's like Nicole. What problems does Nicole have? The girl just needs to eat. Period'."

CALUM BEST: Our source said Lindsay was devastated after it was revealed her 25-year-old boyfriend had been caught enjoying a drug-fuelled romp with two hookers. Our source said: "Since then she has begun to self-destruct even more. When she was told what he had done with those prostitutes she broke down and cried, ‘I thought he loved me'.

"He still hasn't bothered to get in touch with her. She thought Calum might become her rock but sadly he has just continued his wild ways without her. That's torn her apart."

Lindsay's obsession with bedding famous men is also at the root of her drink and drugs-fuelled madness.

The friend revealed: "She cries all the time at what a mess her life has become and how she has behaved like a complete tart."

It is just a month since the News of the World showed Lindsay being videoed snorting cocaine before bragging: "I'll f*** Jude Law tomorrow."

She bragged about the size of Jude's manhood before claiming she slept with him while he was dating Sienna Miller.

Her friend said: "She just got so carried away with bedding men like Jude and James Blunt she couldn't stop going out.

"She was hooked on pulling those kinds of men and took drugs to give her the confidence to approach them. She needs help to stop her obsession."

The Promises clinic is where singer Britney Spears went earlier this year. Patients have to stay a minimum of 30 days. Our source said Lindsay's family have paid for three guards to be with her in the clinic to make sure she does not escape.

The friend added: "The clinic even took her mobile from her to make sure she can't call people who are a bad influence on her.

"But she went berserk so they gave her a new phone with only the numbers of her family, publicist and agent on it.

"Now her friends just want her to stay in rehab for as long as possible. Only then will she be safe."

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