Saturday, June 2, 2007

Posh hates bloggers!

Maybe in an urgent need for attention because you know, nobody gives a crap about her skeletal, boy-looking ugly mug dragging around over here in the states, Posh had this to say:

Posh calls bloggers 'sad and spineless'

Victoria Beckham has hit out at celebrity bloggers who she says are just weirdoes who know nothing of the real lives of the stars.

'I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names,' she told Neil Sean on Sky News. 'They don't really know what's going on in anybody's lives. They're just sad people that sit behind their computers.'


whatever, bitch. we all know that you just don't feel good enough, that's why you are so skeletal....and that your husband cheats ALL THE TIME.

like this off of holy moly!

mole is used to circulating in football circles, and has first hand evidence of the little secrets that Premiership footballers would rather keep to themselves.

Such as a certain club and country captain who is remarkable shouty with his fists when it comes to the ladies. And a certain ex-captain of his country who uses his bodyguards to approach women to lure back to his room (when his wife isn't watching, naturally).


so go eat a steak and STFU robo-tits. We hate you too.

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