Thursday, October 11, 2007

Britney & custody

They make it all sound so pretty other places but TMZ didn't hold back:

Britney Spears has just left the courtroom, looking extremely upset and teary-eyed. K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is going to speak with the media in 30 minutes. Story developing ...

and then....
Spears left the courtroom visibly upset. The overnight visits will be monitored. The parties have not reached an agreement on choosing a different monitor than the one who is already in place. A court spokesman said today was the result of a compromise between the two sides -- Brit wanted more, K-Fed didn't want her to have any overnights. K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said after the hearing that he met with Brit's lawyers during the lunch hour. The attorneys told the court that they all agreed to "slightly increase" Brit's visitation. In other words, K-Fed agreed to give Brit a break, and a chance

and then...

TMZ has learned Britney Spears had quite the interaction today with L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon, and she dug a hole deeper than a Louisiana swamp.We're told Spears had a back and forth with the Commish that lasted approximately 40 minutes. She constantly interrupted him and at times was extremely sarcastic. At one point she started thanking the judge for what he had done, but her tone was heavily laced with disdain.

We're told the Commish explained to Spears how she had gotten to the point she's at -- why defying the various orders she was supposed to comply with raised concerns that she was not a responsible person. Spears didn't get it. She was at times contentious, argumentative and condescending.We're told K-Fed's lawyer didn't object to her testimony, it was so bad. One description of today's testimony, pretty simple -- "Appalling."

This off of, for "other places" comparison:

Britney Spears attended a custody hearing Thursday, addressed the judge in a "soft and respectful voice," and finally got some good news: she may now have overnight visits with her sons. The pop star, who appeared relaxed in blue jeans and sunglasses as she entered the courtroom – telling reporters, "I'm good, thank you" – emerged 45 minutes later appearing solemn and declining to comment. But the hearing was a rare victory. The judge expanded her visitation schedule, giving her one monitored overnight visit a week with Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, a court spokesman said.

Lawyers will work on when the new schedule begins. "Ms. Spears did speak (at the hearing)," says court spokesman Allan Parachini, "and her voice was soft and respectful." Spears's attorney, Sorrell Trope, tells PEOPLE: "I consider this a very positive sign for my client. I have every expectation that she will comply with all the orders made by the court. I remain absolutely optimistic that she will eventually regain 50-50 custody."

Earlier in the day, another lawyer for Spears asked a judge for overnight privileges, saying the boys are psychologically harmed by being away from their mother. Calling the current visitation schedule "disruptive" to the children's development, attorney Anne Kiley said the boys are roused from naps and taken from Spears at 3 p.m. on each visit. Kiley added that Spears's court-mandated monitor is willing to stay overnight to supervise the proposed visits, and suggested that Spears's mother Lynne could also serve as a monitor, since the two had reconciled over the weekend.

oh, and according to, Brit is no longer sexy. Remember when we hated her for being hot?

5. Britney Spears

Where You´ve Seen Her Unsexy: Filling chicken-grease-stained sweatpants on the cover of every trashy tabloid and gossip blog on the Internet

Why She´s Unsexy: Less than five years ago, Britney had a python wrapped around her well-toned torso onstage at the VMAs. Since then, she´s lost the ability to perform, but gained two kids, two useless ex-husbands, and about 23 pounds of Funyun pudge.

*harsh!* ^_^

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