Thursday, October 11, 2007

Milla Jojovich about to pop!!!

I envy her and her offspring! The height, the legs....the versatility!

off of foxnews:

LOS ANGELES — Milla Jovovich has spent many years making millions from her itty-bitty bod, but now that the former face of L'Oreal has moved into the final month of pregnancy, she has been battling the blues associated with packing extra pounds.

"I feel like I swallowed a beach ball," the Ukraine-born beauty told FOX. "It is not easy, let me tell you. I've gained like 65 pounds in the last four months. I mean, be prepared."

And even though the almost nine-month journey for Jovovich has been "intense" yet "amazing" so far, she has a simple suggestion for future moms who don't think they could wear the excess weight.

"You might want to adopt," said the retired runway royal, who recently released the third installment of the action flick "Resident Evil."

Milla, 2004's highest paid model, even believes she would have been more mentally equipped at age 16 for the lumps and bumps having a baby brings. But once she hit the hottest of the hot list, the pressure of perfection has made her aware of every dot and dimple.

But despite the tough time Milla has accepting her "remodeled" mommy make-up, the model turned movie star is not at all apprehensive about playing the permanent role of parent. And as she is due in early November, this photogenic princess is pining to pop.

"I'm just, like, ready for the next phase. I'm like, let's get on with it because it's just, I can't take it anymore," Jovovich said.

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