Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lilo's new addiction

Let's see.....rehabbed to give up the drugs & drinking (maybe), now it looks like she's given up one addiction for a new one....plastic surgery!!! Notice the trout pout and the stylish orange mustache.....WTF is she trying to do, make the oompa-loompah look trendy?

off of handbag gossip:

It looks like Lindsay Lohan's been getting friendly with the pointy end of syringe again. Her lips were looking particularly puffy as she stepped out with her new man, Riley Giles, last night to enjoy a meal at Il Sole Restaurant in Hollywood.

Come on Lindsay - there's really no need for those ghastly porn star lips at your age! And while we're at it, if you really must wear fake tan, please apply it properly.

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