Thursday, November 1, 2007

Too Funny!!!!

from handbag gossip:

Paris Hilton sued for billions

Paris Hilton is being sued by an LA woman for billions of dollars in a personal injury complaint.
A woman is suing Paris Hilton over claims that the socialite stole her look. On 18 October Nicolle O'Neill filed a personal injury claim in Los Angeles Superior Court. But that's as sensible as things get. In the suit O'Neill claims she suffers "emotional distress" because of Hilton and accuses the heiress of ripping off her style. In a two-page document she claims Paris stole "patens" [sic] and "stiling" [sic] tips. It doesn't end there, as she goes on to explain how Paris stole her idea to expose her "je-streeng underware (bikiny)" [sic]. O'Neill also says she wants Paris to pay "billions" in damages.

Got to love that US legal system!

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