Saturday, November 3, 2007


Found this on ONTD and it actually makes me very sad....obviously Britney isn't very mature....but this story makes the whole situation even sadder, especially if this hardresser and friend is telling this story just to use Britney. But it fits the other rumors that FedX just wanted to take advantage of Brit the whole time, so I'm not sure.

Britney Spears has put her wedding dress on display at her California beach house, claiming she was tricked into the divorce that led to her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The troubled singer is convinced that the dancer and failed rapper set up the blazing row at a Manhattan hotel last year which culminated in her suing to end their marriage and the fight over their sons, Sean, two, and Jayden, 14 months.

His behaviour plunged her into a breakdown, during which she desperately begged him to take her back, according to a hairdresser who became her friend and assistant. The astonishing revelations, in the new issue of the American magazine US Weekly, are expected to be used by Britney's legal team to try to refute K-Fed's attempt to portray the 25-year-old star as an incurably debauched bad mother. The magazine claims Federline was jealous of his wife's stardom, which he feared drew attention away from his faltering attempts to launch a hip-hop career.

He allegedly took advantage of her volatile temper after the pair had a Halloween 2006 argument. K-Fed flew to New York the next day and checked into a £270 a night Times Square hotel. A distraught Britney bundled up their sons and followed him a day later. She said she went there with the two babies and Kevin wouldn't even let her into the hotel room,' said Machado, 23. 'So she had to get a hotel room for herself.'

Four days later, she announced that she was petitionning to end their two-year marriage. She told Machado this was an attempt to demonstrate her anger to Federline and she had no desire to go through with a divorce. However, her husband refused to take her back. 'She stood up for herself and it kind of backfired. (It) was what Kevin wanted,' Machado said.

Machado said the singer hung her wedding dress up in her Malibu bedroom and kept framed photos of her and Federline all over the house. Last Christmas, she fell into a black depression and pleaded with Federline to meet her in Arizona, where she and Machado were heading to a luxurious resort. 'She told Kevin she would fly him to Arizona - and he wouldn't come,' said Machado.

When Federline finally visited her in California, Machado charges that he seemed reluctant to resume his role as a father. 'I had Jayden in my arms and Sean ran up to Kevin,' says Machado. 'I went up to him and tried to hand him Jayden, and Kevin backed away and said, "I have smoke on my hands -I smell like smoke," and he wouldn't hold him,' says the former assistant. He did, however, play with Sean, she concedes.

During three months on Britney's staff, and forays on the night scene with the singer, Machado insists she never saw her abuse drugs. She did, however, drink heavily and became a binge eater, Machado claims as an antidote to her misery over Federline.

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