Sunday, December 2, 2007

And in Lindsay Lohan news.....

Blohan blah blah yawn, out dating whoever, yawn....

off of celebslam:

Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend Riley Giles didn’t exactly impress her family over Thanksgiving when the two went to Long Island. Giles spent most nights of the holiday weekend nights in New York City hitting up clubs–without Lindsay. The New York Post says:

While the fashion-savvy star spent Friday and Saturday shopping at Armani Exchange and Intermix with her mom and sister, her new boyfriend slept late on Saturday, having partied the night before at Pink Elephant. A Lohan friend said: “Riley was not very well behaved when he came back to New York with Lindsay. He was out every night without her, and I’m not sure how much longer that relationship is going to last.” (Source)

I completely understand where this guy is coming from. Why should HE have to settle for Lindsay Lohan? I’m sure there are plenty of other hot, young, Hollywood starlets out there that are just aching to hook up with an unemployed, overweight, ex-felon. I bet Riley thinks he’s not a one woman man, and he’s right–he’ll be back to zero in no time.

UPDATE (11/30): Stunning news out of Los Angeles today as E! is reporting that Lindsay and Riley have broken up. Oops, I meant not stunning. Steve Wonder saw that coming.

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