Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Now THIS is funny!!!

Britney tries to do cute!!! From digital spy:

Britney Spears has bribed Paris Hilton with a lesbian sex tape featuring the US socialite, say reports.

According to the Daily Star, Spears and her friends wrote Hilton a letter warning her to stop being rude about people, otherwise they would leak the video online.

A source said: "Britney and her pals wrote to Paris and told her they are hearing rumours of a new sex tape scandal - similar to the One Night In Paris footage her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon put on the web four years ago.

"The letter also claims the tape shows footage of Paris locking lips with one of Britney’s female friends at a party.

"It warns Paris that if she continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online. Britney and her pals also end their note by telling Paris they look forward to hearing back from her."

Spears is allegedly using the sex tape to get back at Hilton for not wishing her happy birthday last weekend, when they walked past each other in Bel-Air.

However, Hilton is apparently not concerned by the threats, describing the letter as "crap".

A source commented: "It’s obvious Britney and her bratty pals are being silly. Paris laughed when she got the letter, supposedly from Britney and said it was ‘crap’."

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