Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blind Item time!!!

off of thesedamncelebz:

This Hollywood female is more known for her drug abuse (cocaine and heroin) than her career. Behind closed doors, execs consider her a bad joke.

What few people know, although she's been linked with men, when she was super strung out, she was discreetly sleeping with a white actress who once appeared on a very popular TV series. These two were secret lovers for at least a year but the actress moved on to a richer sugar mama.

Her favorite form of recreation was snorting heroin enroute to a Lakers game. The fast paced action on the floor while being high on heroin was the ultimate high. It was even rumored that due to sinus issues from snorting heroin, she shot up a few times before her most recent rehab vist.

Although she puts on a drug-free front, away from the cameras, she continues to use while she stumbles her way through life.

Who is she?

ummmmmmmm Blohan maybe?

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