Sunday, April 27, 2008

Leah Remini is a horrible mother

*For the recored, I have no children and my 2 cats and dog walk all over me, literally. But with children, even I know better. Way to raise a spoiled, entitlement-seeking, self-centered, developmentally retarded brat, Leah. Get a spine and be a parent. JEZUZ that is one of so many reasons I haven't subjected myself to motherhood*

Leah Remini's daughter, Sofia Bella, is nearly 4-years-old and she's still on the bottle. Leah invited The Rachael Ray show into her home to share her struggle in getting her daughter off the bottle.

She said, "My daughter runs the house. The problem I'm having with bottle-feeding is basically that Sofia drinks six or more bottles a night. We're hearing that it's not good for her. In talking to our pediatrician, they almost fell off their chair when we said she's still on the bottle. So I'm thinking maybe it's not right." think? Something tells me her "pediatrician" is Tom Cruise. Don't those Scientologists give you classes on how to take care of your kid and shit? Yeah, those classes probably just teach you how to brainwash your kids properly.

Leah and her husband have become exhausted from changing diapers and bottles at all hours. Leah also doesn't think you should judge her ass. She told the NYDN, "They might have their kid off the bottle, but that kid still may be walking around with a pacifier in their mouth, which according to pediatricians is equally as bad."

Rachael introduced Leah to another pediatrician who is helping her get Sofia Bella off the bottle. A Rachael Ray viewer and mother of three was also brought in to help Leah with her first night of weaning Sofia off the bottle.

Things didn't go so well and Sofia Bella started crying immediately for her bottle. Leah said, "Sofia was crying again for a bottle of milk and then I started crying I think because I felt so bad. It just doesn't feel right for me to have a screaming baby and to say no to a bottle." Leah is still working at getting her daughter off the bottle, but said it's not going to happen overnight.
I'm not a mother or anything, but shouldn't you be off the bottle by the age of 4?

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