Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, duh!

I thought the Cruises and the Beckhams already had a falling out, is this a new one?

from handbag gossip:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's dedication to Scientology has caused a rift with the Beckhams.

Scientology is being blamed for a reported rift between the Cruises and the Beckhams, the Daily Mail claims. A source tells the paper, "Katie and Tom want to surround themselves with fellow Scientologists these days, and they are distancing themselves from anyone who is not a believer. For Tom, a non-believer like Victoria is very dangerous. She is opinionated, strong-minded, privately very against Scientology and has voiced her doubts." However Tom's spokeswoman Julie Polkes denies the claims. "Tom does not judge his friends habits or non-habits," she explained. "The constant reports they are not friends are ridiculous. Tom and Katie are extremely close to the Beckhams."

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