Saturday, April 12, 2008


from Celebrity smack:

bret michaels

Bret Michaels has been added to a lawsuit filed by the owner of the $9M Rock of Love mansion, who is claiming Michaels and Mindless Entertainment Inc. broke their contract.

The VH1 reality show was shot in the mansion last winter and owner Ray Sahranavard says that during that time $380,000 worth of damage was done to his home which is located in Encino, CA.

Sahranavard is also claiming that Mindless Entertainment told him that they purchased an additional $3M in liability insurance in case anything was damaged. The company is refuting those claims.

The alleged damage includes holes in the walls and ceilings, all doors were removed, lawn and outdoor plants had died, and almost the entire inside of the house had been repainted.

Producers tried to talk their way out any responsibility for damages claiming that Bret was not monitored 24/7 and that they have no control of what happened during the times he wasn’t. So basically, they blamed him, leading him to be added to the lawsuit.

The home owner is claiming fraud, negligence and negligent misrepresentation. He is also accusing Michaels of intentional destruction of property.

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