Sunday, May 11, 2008

I want Kim Cattrall's Mother for my own


The mother of Sex & The City star Kim Cattrall loves her daughter’s racy role in the hit show - because she “looks fabulous” on-screen.

The star is famed for her portrayal of maneater Samantha Jones in the beloved series, and returns to the character in the upcoming big-screen extravaganza, Sex And The City: The Movie.

And the 51-year-old is comfortable showing her sexual side on-screen - and has the support of her adoring mum Shane, who thinks her daughter is an inspiration for older women everywhere.

She says, “Kim is a role model for 50-something women. Much has been made about her nudity in the film, but I think she looks fabulous.”

And proud mom Shane, 79, insists people who criticise Cattrall’s on-screen antics are just jealous of her well-preserved body.

She adds, “Anyone who knocks that is jealous. All this fuss about a bit of nudity is ridiculous.”


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