Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Madonna’s demands at this year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend shows caused anger backstage.Madonna’s backstage antics at this year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend threatened to overshadow her onstage performance sources claim. Her 37-mile helicopter ride from London to Maidstone was the first bone of contention. “Madonna caused her share of backstage ructions when she jetted in for her 20-minute set,” a backstage source told the Mirror. “As well as her own VIP area, she had a 70-strong entourage and three dressing rooms. Her security was so tight. She had special Kabbalah water shipped in and demanded bouquets of white roses that remained unopened. While she only ate fresh fruit, the same can’t be said of her friends. They arrived early and wolfed down free food and booze reserved for the artists.” Fratelli’s front man Jon Fratelli wasn’t impressed, “I’m not into all this - we’re all here to perform together. What happened to rock’n’roll? Why is she even here? Everything has been changed around just for her and her ridiculous entourage,” he moaned. “Those people also ate all the food, so we had to order 18 pizzas from Domino’s. Who does Madonna think she is?” Well, erm Madonna actually.

*from handbag gossip*

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