Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Britney still playing with Adnan?

So his paparazzi company picked him back up and started paying him again to see Britney?

from gossip rocks:

Brit Brit just can't stay away from Adnan's irresistible landing strip. TMZ claims that Brit Brit and Adnan have been meeting on the down low at her Beef Jerky Palace. A source said they have also been texting back and forth. Text sexy times! Brit probably texts, "yo knows yo wanna rub dat lanin strip aginst mah hairy azz cheeks."

Daddy Spears is not happy about Brit Brit and Adnan bumping bushes and is trying to stop them from seeing each other. They are a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Doucheo and Frappilet: Cheeto-crossed lovers.

Brit Brit's doctor also told Daddy Spears that it's probably not such a good thing for her to be hanging out with Adnan and his moobs again. DUH! Is Brit Brit being treated by Dr. Obvious?

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