Saturday, August 16, 2008

Almost forgot about this!!!

Interesting, yes? Paula Wagner QUIT! from Holy Moly!

There was dancing in the streets (of Tom Cruise's mind) when Tom Cruise and business partner Paula Wagner crowned themselves heads of MGM movies. This came shortly after Tom was unceremoniously dropped by United Artists after the failure of 'Mission: Impossible III' and the fact that he was becoming a bit of an embarrassing liability and a figure of fun in the industry. Now at last they had their own movie company together with which to produce classics and blockbusters alike.

It didn't quite work out. Nobody knows why. Perhaps something to do with the fact that Tom is an increasing liability and even more of a figure of fun in the industry. Paula issued a sad statement.

"I've truly relished working with my longtime partner Tom Cruise to revitalize United Artists, and I am proud of all that we've accomplished in the past two years, reinvigorating the brand and developing such a strong slate of films."

Does anyone have any idea of what this strong 'slate' of films are? Maybe 'Valkyrie' the one where Tom plays a 'good Nazi', which is such a strong film that it has been sitting in a warehouse unreleased for a year or so?

"As much as I've enjoyed my time as an executive, I have longed to return to my true love, which is making movies, so that's what I've decided to do"

Instead of listening to tales of intergalactic warlords thrown into the volcanoes of an otherwise insignificant planet called... Earth.

To be fair to Paula, she's done her fair share of duty on the Good Ship Cruise and it's to her credit that she's one of the last ones to leave this sinking, rusting vessel's career.

Next week: Katie Holmes is nervously eyeing the lifebelts and wondering if she'll burst into flames when she hits the water, now that she is an android.

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