Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ricky Martin a Daddy?

Whut? Even the Gays are getting baby fever!!! Interesting and from Janet Charlton:

We knew Ricky Martin loved kids, but who would've guessed he'd have TWIN boys by gestational surrogacy? That means egg and sperm are united in a lab and a surrogate mother carries the fertilized egg or eggs. Thus the mother carrying the babies is NOT related to them. We're assuming Ricky is the test tube father - but what woman provided the egg or eggs? THAT is the burning question! Ricky has lots of female friends but we're thinking he'd pick someone very attractive - like former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres! Dayanara was married to Marc Anthony and they have two sons. She and Ricky are old friends. We think Ricky will be a great father.

*Would post picture but can't, Blogger is a whore-bitch that needs to DIAF*

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