Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Story Time!!!

So there's this club not far from where my dealer and I live and we've been frequenting there because of its convenience.....We're not there all the time but enough that we know the bartenders and owners (2 brothers) fairly well. A couple of the bartenders and we have an ongoing conversation/joke about having midget strippers (little people, don't get offended). IT WOULD BE THE COOLEST THING EVER AND THEY MUST GET THEM AT THIS CLUB!!! I might love that more than old people in bars!

So anyhow, we were with a couple that we frequently hang with and the evening had gone on and we were getting ready to leave, I was out in the parking lot with my dealer and we were about to get in our car to go home when the other girl sent me this text message on my phone:

"midget in the bathroom"

I RAN back inside the club to the bathroom and sure enough, there was a little woman midget!!! To my delight, my friend had already struck up a conversation with her and she was kinda lit, it was PERFECT!!! She was so perfect!!! I do not remember her name, sadly, but she had light auburn hair, green eyes and was maybe all of 3.5' was hard to tell because she was wearing platforms. My friend and I immediately set to brushing her hair and doing it up and doing her makeup for her simply because we were so smitten with her!

She kept showing us her tatoos and piercings while telling us a sad tale of her life, probably why she got lit all the time.....her ex husband had murdered her young child, he was serving life but she was torn up about her 8 year old. after we got her hair and face all done up, we went out and drank and danced. I wish I had had the presence of mind to get a picture to show you. I so want to adopt her!!!

Anyhow, along with old people in bars, you MUST find a little person to hang with, they are more fun than you can handle. For real.

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