Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cuz Strippers Need Love Too...

And because as a society, we are culturally bankrupt anyway, so why shouldn't another trainwreck of a Ho with no talent or real skills, just like Tiffay "New York", have her own spin off and show the rest of the world how vapid and retarded she really is.....Yes, that's right, VH1 has announced that Daisy of Love is go and the Stripper/Tranny look is vogue:

The rumors are true: Rock of Love 2 runner-up Daisy De La Hoya is set to head her own dating-show spin-off (of a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off) and she’s turning to the Internet to find her dudes. If you’re interested in competing for Daisy’s heart or know someone who is, hit up for your chance to rock her world and make her flail her hands. For more info, check the full press release below:

Millions tuned in to see Rock Of Love 2 runner-up Daisy De La Hoya get her all-access pass to Bret Michaels’ heart denied. Now after being jilted by her supposed Rock of Love, Daisy, is determined to find her one man who will rock her world. Daisy is on a quest for true love and this time she is giving her fans the chance to vie for her love and vote to help determine which contestant makes the cut for VH1’s Daisy of Love Premiering Spring 2009.

Beginning this week, VH1 is giving viewers an opportunity to submit themselves for consideration for the first season of Daisy Of Love. Online users can log on to VH1’s new Daisy Of Love dedicated site at The site will serve as the ultimate spot for fans of the show. Viewers can upload profiles for consideration and vote for their favorite potential candidates. Casting submissions must include an uploaded profile with videos, photos and blog entries. Deadlines for first round submissions are November 14. For more information visit

VH1’s Daisy Of Love is created and executive produced by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego for 51 Minds Entertainment, LLC. an Endemol Company, who also produce the record-breaking series Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Charm School, I Love New York, The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady. The production teams’ programming launched VH1 into their highest ratings ever. Ben Samek also executive produces for the series and the company.

*When does the live broadcast of roller derby to the death begin? I mean, since any idiot off the street can get a show, why not just go the whole way with death entertainment? Producers, contact me for ideas! Honestly, I'll sell my vadge for pregnancy if VH1 will sponsor the whole damm thing*


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